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A Chair Lift for Stairs Offer Mobility Solutions

For persons with mobility challenges, a chair lift for stairs can provide a valuable degree of independence. A chair lift for stairs is an excellent solution for those who live in multilevel households and are not interested in moving to another location.  Chair lifts for stairs benefit the elderly, those recovering from accidents, are handicapped, and others with serious mobility issues.

If you are considering purchasing a chair lift for stairs in your home, you should know that there are a wide variety of models and manufacturers to choose from.  Prices for a chair lift can vary widely depending on the configuration of the stairway, what kind of motor or drive you select (cable and pinion are two popular choices), whether you are purchasing a new or used model, the materials used to manufacture the chair lifts, and additional optional features (such as swivel chairs).  Clearly good research into manufacturers and prices is important before making any chair lift selection.  Some popular manufacturers of chair lifts for stairs include Acorn, Ameriglide, Access, Bruno, Summit,and Stannah.

Although it has long been thought by many that chair lifts for stairs are only for the extremely wealthy, prices are now declining due to manufacturer competition, new technological advances, and assistance from government programs.  Still, purchasing a chair lift for stairs is still an important economic decision and investment for any household, and care and research should be taken prior to making any decision or purchase.

Chair lifts for stairs are also known by other names and these should be kept in mind when doing your research on different models and prices.  A chair lift for stairs is sometimes called a stairway chair lift, stair elevator, residential or home stair lift, and electric stair lift. A chair lift for stairs is not the same as a wheel chair lift, which are configured differently and require different equipment.

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